BPE Consulting a.d. is a consulting company, founded in 2012, and based in Belgrad. It is as a result of a joint-venture between the Italian firm Boscolo & Partners and the Croatian consulting company Euroconsulting. These companies have put together their twenty year experience in the Balkans and started a new activity in Serbia by bringing competence, confidence and flexibility, with the aim to ensure the maximum quality of the services provided in terms of know-how, effective and updated solutions and dynamic and advanced proposal.

The international economic framework, globalized and dynamic business environment exposes companies to different realities. BPE Consulting a.d., offers a wide range of services to the foreign investors in establishing a business in Serbia and gives them the basis to operate in a secure and transparent manner.

BPE Consulting a.d. helps companies to deal with challenges arising from cultural and languages diversities, and also with solving issues related to different laws, regulations and procedures.