Euroconsulting d.d. is a company based in Rijeka, Croatia, founded in 1995 , with goal to provide advisory and accounting support to foreign investors in all phases of their internationalization in the Croatian market. The services provided by Euroconsulting d.d. cover the following areas:

  • overview of the conditions and information about macroeconomics trends in Croatia;
  • assistance within preparation and realiyation of due diligence;
  • support in the identification of strategic partners;
  • business plans;
  • accounting and tax returns (payroll and other incomes);
  • preparation of balance sheets and financial documents.

The mission of Euroconsulting d.d. consists in providing customers a high level services in the accounting field, tax and administration and helping them in strategic choices. Euroconsulting d.d. is member of Morison International, correspondent for Informest and is member of IC&Partners Group for Croatia.